Drinks associated with winter and the cold have traditionally been things such as mulled wine, spiced cider, even a tasty glass of red wine. For many people the last thing they would consider associated with snuggling by the fireplace or having a drink before heading to the ski slopes in champagne. But if you open your mind, you’re opening the door to a new repertoire of flavours and textures that will add a vibrancy to your eating and drinking experience.

The toasty, honey, and cinnamon flavours present in the Henri Abelé Non-Vintage Brut, for example, can make a perfect combination with many winter dishes such as soups and honey roasted ham. A glass of champagne can also be paired in dishes throughout a winter meal. The peach and apricot overtones complement the fruity notes of desserts such as Panna Cotta.

The sparkling texture of champagne is also a great match for many wintery dishes. Consider how the bubbles could offset the creaminess of a dish such as risotto. A perfect combination for a winter night.

And while that is all well and good, just picture yourself fresh off the slopes after a long day of skiing (or snowboarding) sitting in front of a warm fire and sipping at a glass of delicious champagne. So, is champagne the new drink of choice for the season? I think so.