Andeluna is an Argentinian winery based 1300m above sea level in the foothills of the Andes and the romance and heritage of the Mendoza region lends itself to these delicious wines. Andeluna combines the French grape variety of Malbec, the Argentinian terroir, Italian ancestry, the latest technology, and a dedicated team of hardworking people to create world class wines (which have a number of awards to prove it).

But why drink the Malbec from Andeluna over the same varietal from France or America? What makes this region and these wines so great?

Well first things first; the elevation. Malbec loves high elevation, the Andes environment provides altitude and cooler air that slows down the ripening process and allows for a further development of the ripe and fruity characteristics while still maintaining enough acidity to stop it from getting too sweet. In lower elevations the Malbec grapes are much more unreliable and struggle to produce this depth of flavour that is produced by Andeluna.

Next great aspect about Andeluna, the climate. In Mendoza the climate is sunny and dry, perfect conditions for the Malbec grape varietal! The early summer hail and the forceful gale called the Zonda mean that the vines have to dig deep into the soil which allows the vines to soak up more of the soil’s minerals. This gives the Malbec from this area a distinct and delicious flavour that can’t be found anywhere else.

The terroir of the region is also another reason why Andeluna produces delicious Malbec. The soil is made up of clay and sand with the clay allowing for the deep roots and the sand providing good drainage that keeps any rot at bay. This produces the perfect conditions for the perfect glass of Malbec wine.

All of these factors contribute to the unique and delicious taste of Malbec wines from Andeluna. The bold flavours can lead wine tasters to believe that the winemakers use heavy oak to age the wines. This isn’t true though! Andeluna leave their Malbec in barrels for 10-12 months and this gives it a classic blueberry smell. Their wines are deliciously savory and tart with firm tannins, plum, meat, and blackberry flavours.

Knowing this, you’ll just have to give Andeluna a try!